Rp Lidar A3 pixhawk communication problem


I have an a3 lidar and I’m using it with pixhawk cube orange. It was working a few days ago. There was no problem, but now it’s not communicating.
In this process, I may have updated the pixhawk software, the current software is 4.1.5, but if I updated, I do not remember the previous version.

lidar runs smoothly on the frame grabber software on the computer. It does not communicate with Pixhawk, I set the baud rate to 256000, but I think it is not. Could there be such a problem? I tried 4 different cube orange and 1 cube black.

I would be very grateful if anyone can help, thanks in advance.

RP Lidar A3 was never supported, there is an un-merged PR to support it.
My guess is that you were using a version where that PR was merged.

So all you need to do is to backport the PR on top of the 4.1.5 stable version.

I’ve seen users using rp lidar a3, as I said, I used it myself, the parameters are like this


I need someone who is still using rp lidar and knows what arducopter software they are using can help.

rp lidar on pixhawk

SERIAL1_BAUD = “256”
PRX_TYPE = “5”

working with parameters

I see that my current problem is that the serial baud is not 256000, I think it is caused by the arducopter software.

I am one of the persons that wrote the RP Lidar A2 device driver for ardupilot. The other person is a college of mine.

We no longer use or have RP Lidar so I can not help you out, sorry. But you can change the SERIAL1_BAUD , reboot and retest.

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