Rp lidar A1 m8 configuration

i am trying to configure the setup of an rp lidarA1 m8 on my ardurover (beta firmware 4.0),
it keeps showing me on the HUD,BAD LIDAR HEALTH , and in the proximity console(Ctr+F,Proximity),I see no information,i followed the wiki’s instructions, i used serial4 port .The wiring is like: Vmoto,Motoctl to a 5V BEC along with the middle ground and V5.0,RX,TX and upper ground connected to serial port4,i also tried to connect all the grounds together and again nothing changed.aliexpresshd|230x500
here is a photo of the lidar,and i am attaching a log file from via my google drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NR12KMLqQ251n3PS9aVbbPl172yotCUC/view?usp=sharing
any advice would help,
Thank you

I think only the A2 is supported.

Are you sure because? i found out in the AP_Proximity_RPLidarA2 code,that A2 is using the same communication protocol with A1…

I wrote the code for A2. I never even looked the A1 protocol.

Ok…,i was browsing in the forum and i saw several posts from people who connected rplidar A1 directly to the flight controller (pixhawk),so i am guessing my setup is wrong…

Just to be here,rp lidar needs enough current and i was not supplying it with enough, a separate circuit to provide the 1.5A can make rp lidar A1 m8 work

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Thank you @manos! I am performing the same connections, your final reply confirming my approach is very reassuring! I am ensuring enough current is getting to the A1M8 and also anticipate it to use the same communication protocols and work just as well as the A2.

ArduPilot developers, please ensure and confirm compatibility with the A1M8 on your documentation and in your codebase. Others have gotten it working already anyway, and not everyone can afford to purchase the expensive options listed on the docs.

Can you confirm that you’ve got the A1 lidar working?
I’m trying to get it to work but until now to no avail.
I’ve powered the lidar from a separate 5V BEC but I can’t see it output any data on the proximity window in missionplanner.
If I connect it to my computer and run the demo app it works and I can see the light from the laser.
When connnected to ardupilot I can’t see the laser.
Can you show me your wiring?

Thanks in advance