Rover won't go to desired waypoints

[size=100]Hey guys, my rover when I write the waypoints on to the rover either via usb or telemetry & put it on autonomous mode it won’t go to the points. The rover just goes backwards in a circle. :cry: I am using the Redcat Caldera 10E as my rover. [/size]

Does your rover respond correctly to the Az and El joystick movement in the manual mode?
If so, then you might want to try reversing either the throttle direction by checking the “reverse” box for the throttle or reversing the steering direction by checking the aileron “reverse” box in the MP. Note: this “reverse” only works for the auto mode. You use your transmitter to reverse receiver channels in the manual mode.
Also, have you calibrated your ESC throttle with your R/C transmitter in the manual mode?
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

same problem with my rover when i select guided mode or auto mode its move in a circle and then move opposite direction around 90 degree but its perfectly working in manual mode but in other mode it behave like this for eg i select a waypoint to a north direction so my rover turn right in auto mode or turn left in guided mode and move toward south here r some pics of my rover and specification too
apm 2.8
firmware 2.51beta
esc for front and back wheel
servo for steering
gps with compass


We don’t officially support the old APM2.x boards anymore so it’s best to upgrade to one of the many more powerful (and often similarly priced) supported boards.

Maybe someone else will help but I can’t guarantee it of course…