Rover with RTK using sparkfun F9P board and F405 controller?

Looking to set up an RTK rover - a mower using conventional steering (not zero turn). Would like to get equipment that could be used for other things if I decide to do them such as a quad copter and wanting to keep the cost down but get decent equipment that won’t give me trouble. There is a local public reference station for RTK so that is covered. Have read some but still a bit confused how an RC radio and all the other bits connect together. Seems to be many possible variations and haven’t found a basic block diagram. One question is this: Is the F405 a reasonable controller for this?

Not really. The difference in cost between an F405, which would be feature limited, and a more capable Flight Controller in terms of what you will pay for all else to get your mower mowing is essentially zero.

Fair enough. What more capable ones would you suggest?

I agree. The H743-Wing is far more capable for a few dollars more. I’ve enjoyed using one for the brief time I’ve had it.

EDIT: I should add that if I were building a new mower from scratch, the H743 Wing V2 would be a likely candidate for its autopilot.

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