Rover with Object detection

Hello there!
i’m currently building a Rover with Computer Vision to scan the Area with diffrent hardware but would like to test to mount a Range Finder for example to avoid Objects for the Rover itself, lets say a human stands in the way or a Car has parket in the way for the Path of the Rover to Drive.
Been trying to find a Guide both buying guide and installation because i’m really new when it comes to the Pixhawk i’m using. If anyother specs and all is needed i can ofc provide it :slight_smile:
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I can’t remember where it was exactly but there is a list of ready to go rangefinders, it’s in the ardu rover wiki, do keyword sf40c, it’s a ready to go lidar for ya. Plug and go.

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Thanks for the reply.
Have been looking around that and just to TEST this thing i got my hand of a " Velleman HC-SR05 ultrasonic distance sensor " and tried to follow the HC-SR04 guide HC-SR04 Sonar Rangefinder — Copter documentation after changing all the values and confirming i am on the right PIN for the GIPO’s i won’t get any connection to the Sonar. been trying to google it around but cant really find a reason why it wont work. I know that the Sensor is really ‘‘bad’’ and it’s recommended not to use it but it’s just for trial and error to make it avoid something untill i buy something more expensive

One thing that got me was the Tx and rx pins, make sure that the Tx on the LiDAR goes to the Rx pin on the autopilot.

If I can get a chance I’ll post the param file for mine so you can check yours against a working version.

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That would have been very much appreciated!

Yeah i’m going to give the HC-SR05 up. piece of crap haha.

Got a budget for 150$ for sensor. Any recommendation? been looking at the Rover WIKI and there are tons of them :smiley: