Rover will not function in AUTO mode

We’re setting up a car with servo steering on the front wheels and a single motor. We have a Navio2 flight controller with ArduRover 4.0.0. We are feeding PPM to the Navio2 from a Spektrum receiver.

The controls work as desired when the vehicle is in the MANUAL mode.

When switched to the AUTO mode, the steering servo does not correct for heading changes. We have the steering servo function (channel 4) set to 26.

We have no alarms, a 3d GPS lock, and radio, compass and accelerometers are all calibrated. Board safety is disabled.

What am I missing? Thanks for any advice.


It sounds like you’ve not accomplished the first time setup/tuning steps described here:

First Drive with Rover — Rover documentation (

Additionally, you should strongly consider updating to the latest stable 4.1.5 firmware release.

Thanks Yuri,

Yes, used that documentation. Just missing something, possibly with the Spektrum setup.

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I don’t think you missed anything with your radio setup if it’s behaving normally in MANUAL. Did you follow the tuning instructions? How does it perform in ACRO mode?

We may have sorted it, by re-mapping the channels in the Spektrum transmitter to come out in ArduRover’s preferred order of AETR.

Thanks Yuri,