Rover will not Follow Way Point Path

I am new to mission planner and have been working on making a skid steer vehicle. The problem I am having is that it does not follow the WP path. It will move away from the path up to about 5 meters and then come back, I don’t think it is GPS variance because it shows it in mission planner

My setup is:

Matek F765 FC
Beitian BN-880 GPS & Compass

Hi, this isn’t really a Mission Planner issue - rather an ArduRover question. However, I believe you are looking for the PIVOT_TURN_ANGLE parameter. Setting this to a lower number will restrict the rover to a more “strict” following of the waypoint path.

Thank you!! I changed the PIVOT_TURN_ANGLE and everything is working great now.

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Even though in this case altering this parameter may have improved the performance of your rover with respect to your expectations for WP following, I think that you still need better tuning. The PIVOT_TURN_ANGLE is simply the heading threshold beyond which the vehicle will stop, perform a pivot turn to the desired heading, and resume forward motion. Below this threshold, the rover should still be attempting to turn and follow the WPs - even with PIVOT_TURN_ANGLE set to zero to disable pivot turns altogether, a well tuned rover will still stick to the path. Following the instructions on the tuning page and putting some effort in to make your rover as responsive as possible will really pay dividends:

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Thanks for the advice I will definitely work on tuning