Rover Wiki Tuning Advice Improvements

In the last day or two I’ve tried to improve the Rover tuning guide a bit mostly by adding a Tuning Process Instructions page a bit like we have for Copter.

At the same time I’ve gone through the Speed and Turn Rate tuning pages and fixed them up so they more accurately reflect how I tune vehicles.

I’ve only slightly modified the Navigation tuning page mostly by fixing up some instructions in the last section re TURN_MAX_G, WP_RADIUS and WP_OVERSHOOT parameters.

I realise that tuning AP can be challenging. My personal feeling is that tuning speed and turn rate is relatively straight forward if you follow the instructions but I’m more than happy to be corrected on this point especially if it helps us fix up the docs to make it easier.

I think tuning navigation is still a real challenge mostly because they haven’t yet received the love and attention that the lower level controllers have so there are many small issues especially in how it handles corners.


Thanks for putting this together!

Thanks, Randy! I have a questionfor you:

When I run my boat in manual straight forward, the boat turns slightly to one side (continuesly). I have watched some videos and also and tried to follow instructions ( But no matter what, when I reset my transmitter to a neutral position, the boat still does not go straight. So obviously I have not understood the instructions. Could this process be elaborated with some additional details? I have a skid steering boat if that is relevant.