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I’m riding a Rover with 2 450w wheelchair motors. I used two syren25 to control them. I called the pixhawk v0 v5 s1 - Today it is controlled by the rc flysky control. how do i set it up at pixhawk for the engine on each side to go independent back and forth? I’m having a hard time with the parameters. because it only moves by rcin1 and rcin3 … the throttle left and Right does not work.


you will have to follow the instructions here:

Throttle left/right is the setting that will result in a working configuration.
Ardurover uses several safety features, like prearm checks, arming and a safety button. Failed prearm checks prevent arming. If the rover is not armed and the safety button is not pressed, the motor outputs are disabled.

robot.param (16.1 KB) What should i modify in the parameters?

In the standard configuration, servo output 1 is connected to your left wheel drive motor and servo output 3 is connected to the right. You would set parameter SERVO1_FUNCTION to 73 and SERVO3_FUNCTION to 74.

See Motor and Servo Configuration — Rover documentation (

I did this, but the engine still doesn’t react. There is no movement when selecting 73 and 74.
Does it have to do with any DIP Swith from my Syren25?

I do not know anything about a Syren25. Sorry.

You could follow this online configurator…

If the motors turn with the outputs set to RCinX and they do not turn with the outputs set to throttle_left/right, it has nothing to do with the DIP switch settings.
The pixhawk sends out RC PWM signals with both RCinX or throttle_left/right.
The problem is most likely that the rover is not armed and/or the safety button is not pressed.
To disable the safety button function set BRD_SAFETYENABLE to 0 in the full parameter list.
For testing you can also set ARMING_CHECK to 0. Set it to 1 again when testing is done.

I disabled the functions:

I configured the engines.


However, they still do not activate, when throttle button left and right the ardupilot does not move the green level bar.

what can I have forgotten to not be working?

What screen are you talking about when you say “green level bar”

Hi, when I was trying to figure all this rover stuff out, I used servos in the motor ports to make sure I got the arming stuff working properly. One other thing I found and was very confusing with a bench mock up was when the gps and accelerometers were enabled and making motors/servos run ,if the mock up rig was moved on the bench the motors or servos reacted but kept moving. I found this was because the thing was supposed to be moving in space to a new position , say fwd or backward by the demand on the rc, but as it was still in the same place the rover software was still trying to meet the commanded demand to get to the new position or speed. As soon as I made a robot mockup with wheels so it could move on the ground it all worked properly, as the command from tx was met by the robots action.
I still have a lot to resolve in the control parameters to get it stable directionally with various speeds but the tool is very powerful and configurable. Keep trying, it’s worth it.

I had the exactly same problem. First, make sure that your Pixhawk is armed via external push button/switch (if you have it), otherwise no output is sent to the ‘MAIN OUT’ port. Second, it seems that there is a bug in the ArduRover firmware, due to which there is no servo output when Throttle Left/Right is chosen. Go to CONFIG -> Full Parameter List and search for ARMING_REQUIRE parameter. Disable it by setting its value to 0, click Write Params.

This solved my problem, wish you good luck!

Thank you all. @count74 @dkemxr @ktrussell @arwV8 @toboli
We really have to set ARMING_REQUIRE to 0 and ARMING_CHECK 0 - it worked perfectly.

Now I’m trying to get you to slow down.
The 450w motor was very strong.
Any suggestion of speed for this rover that is heavy around 60kg?
It is also lost when I place an automatic mission with waypoint. trying to unravel a calibration.
The goal is to be a multitasking agricultural robot. See how it is getting on.

The vehicle in automatic mode leaves completely uncontrolled. I think it has something to do with speed X GPS. What do you think of the following configuration for a rover?

Steering Rate
P 1.0
I 0.5
D 0.0

Imax 2

Turn Radio 0.5

Speed ​​2 thtottle

P 0.2
I 0.2
D 0.0
Imax 1.0
Acell Max 2.0

Throttle and motor
Motor Type Normal
Cruise speed 2.0
Cruise Throttle 2.0
Throttle Min 20
Throttle Max 80

Wp Radius 2.0
Wp Overshot 2.0
Turn G Max 0.5
Latt Acc Period 8
Latt Acc Damp 0.5

Tigger 50
Turn Angle 45
Turn time 1
Sonar 2

Most likely, the trouble is tuning. You have to methodically go through tuning the steering and throttle. It is not trivial and you can work forever improving it, but if you read Tuning Process Instructions — Rover documentation (

but then especially the next topic (see the Table of Contents on the left side of that page) which is Tuning Speed and Throttle — Rover documentation (, you will make progress.

You need to learn how to use the graphing functionality in Mission Planner to view how the actual is tracking the desired for the steering and the throttle. Once you get them working, then you can move on to the NAV L1 parameters.

But you will get there!

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