Rover was working, then stopped working! I need help, please

Hi, I am new to Ardupilot, have played around with Arduino a little, but still very much a noob in this world. I have been working on a custom rover build and was quite happy to run it via RF transceivers hooked up with Arduin Uno’s.

However, my main goal is to build an autonomous bot and after many hours over the past few days I had managed to get it to work in manual mode - I was so happy with the result I then unplugged everything and proceeded to celebrate by getting some pizza for dinner! Then I came back, hooked everything up again and found that the bot no longer wanted to work.

I am using the following: Pixhawk Cube; Cytron MDDS 30 motor controller, Fly Sky T6 with PPM encoder. As previously mentioned, I was able to get it working (albeit it in manual with ARMING_REQUIRE disabled.

To me, the problem seems to be that the Cytron motor controller is not liking the RC signals from the Cube (as per Cytron manual regarding error lights flashing). So I tried a Roboclaw motor controller, but that did not work either.

A link to an image of the set-up and the Bin files can be found here:

Any assistance that can be provided will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards