Rover, swapping front to back

I have a skid steer rover running a Matek H743-WING V3 board. Its all working, manual mode and auto mode. But I would like to swap the front and back, so its back become its front.

I tried reversing the motors and turned the compass 180, manual was ok, but in auto it does little loops and basically doesn’t get to the waypoint.

What have I done wrong. Does the orientation of the flight computer matter. Is there a parameter in the settings that says what end is the front?


Yes, the orientation of the flight controller does matter.
If you set AHRS_ORIENTATION = 4 (180° offset around yaw), you can leave it as is

Also, now that that is set, you probably want to swap left and right motor (either in the parameters or the connections in the servo outputs)

Thanks, I’ll give that ago.


Thanks, that worked.