Rover starts to throttle after changing to guided mode


I am using Erle Robotic’s Erle-Rover with the latest Rover-3.3.1-rc2 firmware. My rover starts to throttle after I have entered guided mode. Previously, when I was using v3.2.0-rc2 I did not encounter such a problem. What have I done wrong? :tired_face::weary:

Link to Data Flash Log:

Hi Mien,

Very strange. From the dataflash logs is appears that after switching to Guided mode the channel 3 output (used for throttle) goes to the trim value of 1500 which should stop the motors I think.

I suspect that the issue is either:

  • some kind of ESC issue where 1500 doesn’t actually make it stop
  • a low level bug in our PWM output code

I guess you don’t have a servo tester that allows you to check the exact PWM coming out of the back of the flight controller board?


I believe it is an ESC issue because I used the same SD on a different rover and it didn’t start moving in guided mode and the throttle was working fine. Is there any way to tune the ESC so that it will not stop moving when it is in guided mode?


OK, thanks for the update.

Some ESCs can definitely be programmed. we have a tiny bit of information on ESC configuration here on the wiki but it really depends upon the ESC.

I have successfully used this programmer for my boat but for Rovers perhaps this one or this one would be better. Some ESCs can’t be programmed of course. Others don’t use a programming card but instead have a weird set of transmitter inputs that can change it’s configuration.