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Rover setup questions?

(anon94298870) #1

I am about to embark on a little rover build just for fun. I have printed this mini rover with a few modifications, and plan on using a pixracer. My one main question is do I have to also get a motor driver or will 2 simple brushed esc work to control the brushed motors that I plan on using. I have read through the wiki but still had that question. I plan on using these motors but still need a small ESC that would support up to 4s battery.

The fella that built this used this ESC but I am a bit skeptical about it.

(rmackay9) #2

I suspect the MicroRC 5A brushed motor ESC linked will work.

The output from the pixracer is normally PWM in the range of 1ms to 2ms (aka 1000 pwm to 2000 pwm). I looks to me like the ESC can probably accept this signal.

(Matthew ) #3


those look like nice little ESC’s would that be considered just MOT_PWM_TYPE, 0, 3, or 4. I suspect that its either 0 or 4.

(rmackay9) #4

@Matt_C, Yes, I think these ESCs would use MOT_PWM_TYPE of 0 (Normal).