Rover set-up in mission planner 2

how do I configure rover as a flight type in Mission planner 2 using a MacBook Pro latest version?

You need to Install the Rover firmware on your Flight Controller. Initial Setup>Install Firmware

Thanks for this feedback. Thera are a few problems with Pixhawk and MacBook Pro.
I tried first to set-up Pixhawk with QGroundControl. For some reason Rover set-up doesn’t appear when the latest firmware is installed. I then tried Mission planner which I finally got working with Pixhawk but this only works for copters and drones. I can select Rover type and flash the firmware but it does not connect to Pixhawk. To get Mission planner working with Pixhawk on MacBook Pro I followed the following tutorial: Any idea how I can install rover on Pixhawk using MacBook Pro ?

QGroundControl should work to flash Rover. I just tried it on a bench Pixhawk I have and it worked. It loaded the current stable 3.4.2 (Nuttx version).

If you’re using a Pixhawk4 you’ll need to load a beta firmware, as Rover hasn’t had a stable release for Pixhawk4 yet.

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