Rover position jumps / position drift

Did an extended set of activities over a week and encountered a couple of issues:

  1. At one point the GPS “flipped out”, the position drifted erratically within about a 10m circle, then eventually stabilised, but stabilised in a different position - the reported position of the vehicle was about 3m away from where it should have been / was before the glitch. After that, things seemed reasonably consistent.
  2. Running a mission that had been recorded a week prior (before the glitch), the vehicle was again offset by about 3m.

This was also in a different vehicle than the one that had experienced the glitch.

Has anyone worked out what casues these glitches? I don’t think it was linked to a drop in corrections, and the fact that the deviation persisted across reboots concerns me.

Is there anything related to running DGPS long term - possibly across a GPS week?

I’ve been dealing with the same sort of activity. Not sure if you are using RTK or anything but I’m finding that regular GPSs like the M8N are only accurate within around 3 meters. I will have my little truck run a mission and it will track very well and then all the sudden the whole pattern will shift to another direction by 3 to 5 feet. Still thinks it is in the same place looking at the screen but shifted.

I made a similar post and folks had different theories. Today, I had the same small mission in the back yard and it ran 60? laps and was fine throughout the day. Tomorrow it may be shifted and run into the trees. I actually have it tuned fairly well now. What type of GPS and machine do you have it on?

Here is the post I was talking about. Is this normal wander for an M8Q gps? - #34 by mikez104

Running a Here3 on RTK. That amount of wander isn’t surprising for non-RTK.