Rover Pixhawk to/from FrSky X8R issues

Hi all,
I have connected X8R to the Serial 4/5 port.
I used Serial 4, Options = 0 and both Protocol 4 and 10.
With all of that, I get an accurate GPS signal back to my Taranis.
But no other sensor! What am I missing?
I believe there are supposed to be several other sensors available.


So I guess this is all about FrSky Telemetry?

I don’t personally use this (sadly it’s not legal for use in Japan) but if you’re up for some experimentation I think we could narrow down on the issue:

  1. try loading AP Rover “latest” onto the autopilot. If using MP then go to the Install Firmware screen and press Ctrl-Q and the version should change to “ArduRover V4.0.1-dev”. We’ve resolved a lot of issues as part of the Copter-4.0.x releases.
  2. try loading AP Copter 4.0.2 onto the autopilot and make sure it works. Doing this will wipe the autopilot’s parameters though so be sure to take a backup of the Rover parameters before doing this.

If (2) works but not (1) then it means we’re missing some features in Rover that are causing the problem.

This sounds like a plan; I like experimenting.

I will try this tomorrow for sure.


Jim Calvert

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