Rover on Herelink intermittent disconnection

My rover is loosing connection intermittently. Nothing oblivious on the logs that I can see but perhaps a log wizard could check it over. On this occasion it lost connection somewhere in the last minute of the file. Worryingly on this occasion the rover kept moving and I had to run and turn it off. Is was in manual before disconnect.
I also frequently loose video but I thought that was a camera issue.

Problem occurs around 17:27

Probably set ARMING_CHECK,0 and fix anything that needs fixing.

The RC failsafe is not apparent in the actual RC inputs (throttle PWM doesnt drop to 910) but clearly the receiver is flagging an issue, or at least ardurover is detecting missing RC frames.
Maybe interference??

And the logging just seems to end as if the vehicle doesnt get disarmed but is “hung” with throttle input and motor outputs all non-zero

I’m no rover user so cant offer much more at this stage :frowning:

Yes and the RSSI jumps high at 17:26:40 even though its just 10m away.
@xfacta . You mean the RC failsafe message?
Are these the sort or things you would see if the Herelink air unit had a power issue?