Rover not reaching waypoint

Hi there I have spent thd last few days trying to get my 6 wheeled rover to navigate to a waypoint 10m away.

Using a Cuav x7 autopilot, H16 SKYDROID transmitter, Neo3 Pro GPS, latest Rover 4.23 fw.

Sometimes it makes it to the WP but most of the time it gets halfway then either starts pivot left and right… Or veers off in the wrong direction… Then It seems undecided which direction to take.

I have completed the steering tuning (numerous times) and I was really happy with steering acheived/desired was bang on.

Have gone through the speed throttle and nav tuning as well.

Motor tests work well. Dead zone removed.

Recalibrated compass and accelerometer numerous times.

Tried disabling pivot turns, then enabling with increments up to about 180 degrees. Actually went slight better with pivots disabled.

I wanted to include log file with however had an error, will try again shortly.

Not using OA until I get this sorted (is disabled)

See video for general gist if what’s happening…

Any thoughts of what I should focus on…?

I’m chasing my tail at this point and really confused.


I am not super familiar with rovers and it is difficult to say anything without a log file (you have to upload it to any cloud as you did with the video and share the links with us.)…

But some guesses:

  • Double check if you did not set an unpractical WPNAV_RADIUS value;
  • Double check if you did not set a FENCE_RADIUS that it is too small;
  • Double check you have both AVOID_ and OA_ features disabled (AVOID_ENABLE and OA_TYPE zeroed);
  • If everything above is right, disable your proximity sensor;

Remember to reboot rover on each step, some changes are just applied after rebooting.

Yes that was it thanks so much…!

Was the OA type was enabled.

Bit more tuning to do, and then I need to get the rplidar working now I know it can navigate.

Question… Does rplidar have to be restricted to a certain segment of lidar? That is, whats in front of it?

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Nice man!

Do you say restricting the sectors which are being detected by RPLidar? It will depend on if there is something obstructing its view… I am not super into these kind of proximity sensors and object avoidance system can be really tricky to tune.