Rover Not Following Waypoints

I’m not sure where to post this, so I’ll start here. I finally have all sensors working correctly, as near
as I can tell. The rover heading displayed by the mission planner is correct, the GPS appears to be
close, tilting the rover causes the correct changes in the ADI display. The problem is, when I load waypoints
into the rover and start a mission, the rover wants to go in a straight line in the direction it is pointing, whatever that might be. The “Direct to waypoint” line displayed by the mission planner points north, but the waypoint is west of the rover. Apparently I missed something. Does anyone know what I didn’t do? Please see the attached screen shot.

You have given us very little to go on concerning your rover to be able to help troubleshoot your issue.
First, is your rover a servo steering rover or is it a skid steering rover?
What navigation processor are you using?
What version of the ArduRover2 firmware are you using?
Does the HUD display “Auto” when you use the transmitter to put the navigation processor in the Auto mode? Your baseline mode selection should be Auto, Auto, Learning, Learning, Manual, Manual, from the top.
Can you drive your rover manually in the Manual Mode?
What is your waypoint radius set to?
Have you followed the setup instructions in the ArduRover Wiki:
There is no screen shot in your post.
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

My apologies. It appears that the problem is solved. It is APM2.6, firmware 2.45. Regular car, not a skid-steer.I finally found the section on tuning and steering, and set the parameters accordingly. It looks like it’s trying to follow the flight plan now. It needs a little more tuning, since it’s weaving, but it does look like it’s working. Is there someplace where they give a detailed description of the modes (other than manual and auto)? Is there a way to tell the rover to stop when it hits the final point in the flight plan?


Unless you have a RTL after the last waypoint, the rover should come to a stop after the last waypoint and enter the HOLD mode until you take manual control.

The ArduRover Wiki has just about everything in it you need to know. Just read it all. However some of the information is for multicopters or planes so be careful about those sections in relation to your rover.

You might want to joint the ArduRover User Group on DIY Drones if you are not already a member. There is quite a bit of information concerning tuning your rover in the User Group Discussion Forum.
TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

I was able to solve the not stopping(Holding) at the end of the mission by setting the RC3_TRIM to 1500 as suggested in another thread. I have now been exploring the limits of the APM 2.6 waypoint capacity and really wanting to reduce the GPS errors to less than their current “2 meters”. I am watching the Piksi project as a potential solution.