Rover no throttle response

Hi I recently updated my rover firmware on my Pixhawk and now I have no throttle response.

I have no response in manual, auto or loiter modes. But the steering servo control responds in all modes.

If I set my SERVO3-FUNCTION to RCIN3 I can control the rover with the transmitter and have normal throttle. But when I set SERVO3-FUNCTION back to throttle I get no response.

I’ve tried resetting my servo3 trims as mentioned in another post but still nothing.

Any ideas where i should be looking.



Hi @Roverover, any chance you could post a dataflash log file?


Thanks for the reply I’m trying to download a dataflash log file. Will post it up when I have one.


When I have this problem it usually ends up being the safety switch. If you don’t have one, you may need to disable the safety switch requirement.

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I also had the problem today. Thanks that had helped.

I first removed the switch in the pre-flight check. That’s why I no longer had that on my screen.

then everything was there. Even the electrical PWM signals.


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I had the same problem. ARMED-ON is required first. Then the throttle will also start working on the “SERVO OUTPUT” tab