Rover & Mission Planner parameters

I recently upgraded to Mission Planner 1.2.59 and am struggling with it and considering down-grading. I didn’t see a forum for the Mission Planner software, and since I’m running the APM2.5 with Rover 1.42beta3 (modified: code I figured I’d put it here.

Issue 1: The ‘Standard Params’ and "Advanced Params’ do not always show anything besides the two buttons at the top. MAVLink works, I can hit ‘Refresh Params’ and a pop-up shows which params are downloaded from the APM, but nothing displays in the window

Issue 2: The zoom level is ‘broken’ in the ‘Flight Plan’ window. It now zooms in/out in very small steps while in the ‘Flight Data’ window it still jumps by reasonable amounts when you click above/below the slider.

Issue 3: Why is there now an option in the ‘Download Logs’ pop-up requiring log type to be specified, and why doesn’t it remember prior choices when the program isn’t even restarted?

Question 1: Is there any way to write the waypoints out to a file on the computer? Mission Planner lets you read/write to the APM, but not to a file for later analysis from what I can tell. This would be helpful in comparing missions programmed via MP to what the APM actually did, or didn’t as the case sometimes is.

I forgot to add, where did the PID Param page go? I would have expected it to be moved to the Software tab, but it isn’t there. Yes, they can be changed in the ‘Adv Parameter List’, but its not as convenient when trying to dial things in.

Unfortunately now you will have to use the Advanced Parameter List to manipulate the rover parameter settings.