Rover keeps disconnecting. Used to work great

I’m really frustrated at this point. So I’ve been running Ardurover for months by using Mavlink over TBS crossfire. Connected solid as can be. My steering servo went bad an I replaced it but this happened over a month or so and when I got everything back together. Now I keep losing connection to My truck after about a minute. It starts to load all the parameters then after a minute it drops the connection. I’ve tried everything I can think of.

I’m using a Radiomaster TX16S with TBS Crossfire long range TX @915 MHz and a TBS diversity Crossfire RX and Mission planner. So after I replaced my servo, everything went to hell. I can get a connection for about a minute before it drops. I’ve tried rolling back firmware and Mission planner, no joy. I’ve replaced the receiver with a nano RX and same thing. I can connect via USB and it works fine. I have telemetry radios and they work fine but for some reason My Mavlink through the TBS system seems to be failing.

I can see the telemetry showing up on my radio but after about a minute of connectivity on my PC, the connection drops. I have tried a Mac using qc ground control, Linux using QC and everything disconnects after about a minute. When it disconnects, I still see telemetry (GPS and other params) on my radio’s telemetry page. The PC and other computers drop the connection after about a minute

I’m not one to ask for help but damn, I’m frustrated. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Unplug your servo and see if the connections stays alive?

I tried but no joy. From what I can tell, the wifi part of the TBS Crossfire unit is disconnecting. The telemetry never stops coming to the radio. I started a ping to the IP address of the TBS unit and I start getting timeouts when the connection to Mission Planner drops. The only thing I have been able to to get it to be stable is change the wifi power settings a few times then it is steady. When I power down and back up, it goes flaky again. I’ve changed wifi networks, rebooted all routers and switches and that made no difference. It has been stable for a few hours now but I know when I power cycle it, it will start dropping out again. I don’t get it.

To me it seems that your fc might be stopping or possibly even pulled low by maybe the servo or something, have you monitored the status leds on the fc? This would explain why you still have the telemetry from the rx but no missionplanner connection

When the connection drops the position data from GPS and other sensors is still showing up in the telemetry screen on the Transmitter.

I did actually figure it out though. I set up a ping to the radio’s wifi ip and the disconnections from Mission Planner corresponded with time outs on the ping so to me that meant the wifi was dropping. I confirmed this by viewing the screen on the TBS Xfire unit. I rebooted all the network gear in the house but no joy. Connected to different wifi networks and the drops continued. Thinking about what the issue could be I wondered if something could be interfering with the TBS wifi unit so I moved the transmitter to a different room and bam, solid connection. Moved it back and dropouts started back up. I have yet to find what in my office is causing the interference but I feel I proved that it is not the radio components or flight controller.