Rover & GPS_RTK mavlink message not streaming for Moving Baseline

Hi all,

Should the GPS_RTK and GPS2_RTK mavlink messages be working in ArduRover V4.1.0-dev (54bae68e)?

I am trying to troubleshoot a setup using two UBlox F9 GPS modules for a ‘Moving Baseline’ so we can get accurate yaw from GPS. I used the following guide to setup and have Fix Type 4 for GPS1 (moving base) and Fix Type 6 (RTK-Fixed) for GPS2 (rover), so it looks like the RTK solution is working correctly. The issue is it isn’t using the yaw from GPS for the actual yaw used by the Rover.

I wanted to view the GPS_RTK and GPS2_RTK mavlink messages so I can see the baseline to understand if this is incorrect so therefore not allowing the GPS yaw to be used. But these messages aren’t showing up in Mavlink Inspector. I have tried enabling the messages through MavProxy but still none show up.

  • How can I get the GPS_RTK messages to show up?
  • Is there any other messages / status tags that I can use to troubleshoot why the GPS yaw isn’t being used?

Edit: Corrected GPS fix states


You need to add a on top of master to get that.

Ok thanks for the info. I understood from the following link it was already included, but maybe only for specific drivers and not UBlox yet.

Do you have any tips for debugging why the EKF isn’t using yaw from GPS with working code in V4.1?

Sorry no, my expertise is with simple RTK systems, with no YAW