Rover execute auto mission only after resetting Pixhawk

Hello friends,

I have an issue with the auto flight mode.
When I turn on the Pixhawk and set the transmitter to auto mode it drive just fine and stops at the final W.P.
Right after it stops, I switch flight mode to manual and immediately return to to auto. for some reason at that point my rover drive into places that not even close to the written mission and not execute the auto mission again as expected.

Any idea what could cause this?


Stop at the final waypoint is the correct behaviour.
But restarting auto mission should work. Which rover are you using ?

Hey khancyr and thank you for your time.

I am using the Hobao monster truck with the latest rover firmware (APM Rover V3.1.2) on the pixhawk.

do you have a log and your mission file ? I make some try on SITL and restarting auto should work. If you can share a log and your mission I can try to redo it and see if I can track the bug

No, I will get them ASAP and upload them.


Hey, this is my log file

Those are the way points
It is possible I have changed them in a few meters.

I opened the log review and try to figure what the problem is.
I can see that the rover goes into HOLD and I cant figure why.
When failsafe occur it should go into HOLD mode so it may be it?
any help with this will be appreciated !

still cant figure it out