Rover driving in circles and zigzagging (not RC1 reverse?)

I’m currently developing an experimental rover based around the PXFMini autopilot HAT. When I attempt to drive a mission in auto mode, the rover drives in circles and zigzags. I’ve seen this in the past and have solved the problem by updating the RC1_REVERSED parameter. However, that doesn’t seem to be working this time around. Are there other configuration options that could cause similar behavior?


Hi Kevin,

You’re using Rover-3.2.0-rc4? This is definitely the version to use as it’s very close to being released.

In Rover-3.2 we’ve separated the input and output configurations. In the past RC1_REVERSED might have reversed both input and output (I’m not sure) but now RC1_REVERSED only reverses input. SERVO1_REVERSED can be used to reverse the output so perhaps this is what you might need to change now.

The issue could also be in the turn rate tuning or navigation tuning but I’d need to see a .bin log to look into it much more.

Thanks for using ArduPilot!

Thank you so much! Setting SERVO1_REVERSED resulted in proper autonomous driving.

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