Rover does not receive NAV_CONTROLLER_OUTPUT messages

I am currently working on a companion computer that mounts to my rover and gets messages from the rover to record on its own storage drive alongside sensor readings. The communication with the Ardurover is through a USB-Serial cable and my companion is running Pymavlink.

Working with Arduplane, I am able to get most messages, but as soon as I switched to Rover I am unable to get the NAV_CONTROLLER_OUTPUT messages from mavlink. It is the same request message, nothing has changed.

What I don’t understand is I know that mission planner sees those same messages as I can watch the x-track error. However even looking at the Mavlink Inspector I can not see where it is getting that message from.

You are using ArduRover 4.0.

Please update to ArduRover4.4.0-beta7 and retry it.

After checking again, I am currently running 4.2.3, I am working with a Navio2 flight controller so I will see if its even able to do 4.4.

I corrected the post header to reflect the correct version information. Please post it correctly in future posts