Rover do not exacly follow waypoint when in auto mode

I am able to command the rover to run in auto mode. But when i attempt to run in auto mode, the rover didn’t exactly reach the exact waypoint intended.

From the picture, there is some distance left in the waypoint and it travel to the next waypoint without travel close to that position.
I am using skid steering mode to drive the rover.
I am out of idea on how to correct this issue. Is it related to motor tuning?

Reduce WP_NAV_RADIUS parameter

Or update to 4.4-beta. If this vehicle is fairly well behaved under 4.0, it should be fine with the new nav controller that treats WP_RADIUS a bit differently. May require a bit of re-tuning of the nav parameters.

At a minimum, update to 4.2.3 and follow Amilcar’s advice.