Rover did not enter in auto mode


I’m using a Pixhawk Cube Here with version 3.4.
I set up the rover and all works perfectly, in manual the rover works perfect, but when I switch auto mode the rover did not do …anything

I tried to do it in Mission Planner but with the same result.

I tried to attach the log files but it was impossible to add because is a little big than 4.5Mb

I if somebody could help me because I’m very desperate


It looks like it immediately goes into Hold when you switched to Auto. WP_RADIUS is set to 30?
Maybe it thinks it already reached the waypoints because they are so close together. Set WP_RADIUS to like 2 and see what happens. I’ll take another look and check that you had enough satellites.

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Hi @David_Boulanger

Yesss it works!!! thank’s

Now I want to improve the GPS, I’m going to open a new post to ask how to do it

Thank’s again

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