Rover desarm alone and "SAFE" message?


I have a problem with my rover and I had search to resolve it for many hours but without succes and I haven’t find informations on wiki and forum.

When my rover work, in manual mode, auto mode or even RTL, it disarms and I have a message « (SAFE) » on Mission Planner. It does this randomly, sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes after a few minutes. For continu, I must restart the Pixhawk.

This is a rover with a standard steering. The firmware is APM Rover 3.1.2
Parameter of my rover :


I have attached the logs

Have you got an idea of problem ?

Bin files:


Disable FS_CRASH_CHECK but it should already be disabled.
I recommand you to let ARMING_CHECK enable, and try so solve the problems it report rather than disable it

I had followed your advice, but I had always the same problem.

FS_CRASH_CHECK was already disabled. I have configure ARMING_CHECK and ARMING_REQUIRE at 1. And it was always the same.

My rover worked a few time and for any reason, it stopped.

After reflexion, I search an hardware problem and I have found.
I had replaced the original safety switch by an other model more pratical for me. It had work a few time but the problem come from of this switch. I have install the original safety switch and now my rover works well.

Thanks for your help