Rover Data Streams

Hi folks, I’m wondering where I could find documentation for which messages are in each data stream. I have found the definition in the streams in the MAVLink C library under
"message_definitions/common.xml" however this is the common definition and I do not know where to find the specific data stream grouping used by the autopilot for the ArduBoat rover firmware. I am operating with Rover v3.1.0beta3 and working to communicate with my Arduino to PixHawk but having difficulty receiving all messages I would expect from the MAVLink documentation.

I also noticed the documentation highlights that data_stream is deprecated and one should use new messages instead, however I had also read that the Rover still implements the old message types.

I would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction to better understand the streams which are sending the specific messages I want.


Hi Griffin. common.xml contains almost everything that could appear in the mavlink datastream and the other xml files in that message_definitions directory contain the rest - obviously ardupilotmega.xml for the ArduPilot system. However we don’t have any super complete documentation on what subset of messages that Rover supports. The following page is the best we have and its maintenance and updating is an ongoing work:

But you can always check the code :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.

Thanks, Grant.