Rover crash check action reliability

Hi All
I have a feature suggestion:
At the moment in rover there is only Hold and HoldAndDisarm for crash check action.
I would be very much interested to have two different Crash check action.

  1. As it is
  2. A delay time were the rover goes in hold and then tries to complete the mission or repeats the delay-hold-auto cycle a configurable number of times before it goes to 1).

This would increase the reliability for long mission for example with boats where the craft can hit an object and may get free by going to hold a number of times and could complete the mission successfully.

Thanks a lot

I forgot in the first post to add:
If the rover flips over still 1) should apply
if the rover hits something 2) should apply


OK, txs. Feel free to raise an enhancement request in the issues list here.

Thanks, I submitted

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