Rover Brake Servo Control in Auto

I’ve successfully built a full sized rover (as in 1998 Dodge Ram, for use in fields). However, I currently only have Throttle and steering, both servos, but have need some guidance on the ability to work a brake servo into the mix. I had seen one post awhile back discussing using the throttle servo as both brake and throttle, but the is not enough travel to fully set the brake. Any good ideas?

Whoa that is a big rover. Any chance of a photo or video?

Braking isn’t in the Rover code at the moment. Further, your requirement for “standard” braking that people are used to in their cars i.e. a separate brake pedal is different to the braking providing on RC cars where you put the throttle to trim position and a preset amount of braking is applied. Or alternatively when you put a forward moving car into reverse it reverses the current in the motor and causes braking.

So, you can’t do automatic breaking via the Pixhawk at this stage. But you could put your brakes on a separate control on your transmitter i.e. a knob or spare forward stick and apply it like you do a brake in a car when you are slowing down. Does that help at all?

Thanks, Grant.

Thanks Grant,

I was afraid of that. Currently the throttle and brake share the left stick, mid to up is throttle, mid to down is brake, two seperate servos. We watch the system and wait for HOLD and manually apply the brake and release when DO command time expires or switch back to manual if mission is complete.

I’ve included links to some pics and video. I actually just realized I didn’t get any of the vehicle moving LOL, I’ll get that taken care of …The next project is a 2017 Can Am Maverick (Pic attached as well).


I’m not a programmer, and I don’t know the time it would take, and sometimes the good idea fiery (at least I think its a good idea LOL) hits me. Would it be possible to add another control to say RC 2, and link it to take in upcoming corning data and apply a signal at a percentage. For example, my route has a turn at 30degrees after waypoint 28, the accelorometers indicate tilt and the RC2 signal pushes 25% of the 100% I have previously configured. HOLD commands would generate a 100% of RC2 and as it is now, sent RC 3 to min.

I’m in the midst of teaching myself the coding used here, but it’ll take awhile, there’s just not as many penguins on the iceberg like there used to be.