Rover Boat Skid steering wiring help

Hey guys,

I’m trying to wire up to a boat with skid steering but confused as which side should be CW and CCW. Also I don’t know which motor should map to ThrottleRight and ThrottleLeft.
I drew out a diagram and wondering if anyone can help me confirm if it’s correct.


Ah, throttle left is the Left (Port) side thruster and Throttle Right is the Right (Starboard) side thruster. The motor direction is whatever is required to produce forward thrust from both thrusters with throttle.
This is awfully obvious so perhaps I don’t understand your questions?

Thanks Dave for the reply. I have updated my diagram and I hope it correct now. As for direction of the thruster, I didn’t know which direction would produce the forward thrust. I thought there was standard to producing forward thrust. For example in my diagram with the ThrottleLeft going CCW and ThrottleRight going CW, does it produce forward thrust?

I wish it’s warmer and i can try it in the water.

Thanks again

I can’t really tell from that image but it’s obvious from the prop pitch which direction produces forward thrust…

Do you have already these thruster.
If yes, show the details manufacturer, type, datasheet etc and photos.

On most boats it doesn’t really matter which side the CCW and CW thrusters are mounted too but on a powerful boat I would swap them from what you have shown. The reason is that the boat will roll in the opposite direction to the propellers and it is slightly better to lean into the corners.