Rover and ArduPilot Help!


I am currently working on a project that requires me to build a rover with an arm/claw to pick up blocks. I am very new to ArduPilot and I am trying to find the best place to start. I am curious if there are enough ports in the Pixhawk to control 2 motors, 4+ servos, lights, live camera feed, telemetry data, and GPS all while being remotely controlled 100 meters away. In addition, what would be the best route to develop this and would the Pixhawk be able to handle all of these commands? What kind of controller should I use?

If someone can please point me in the right direction and help me that would be much appreciated!

Thank You,


I think a Pixhawk or one of the other supported flight controllers should be able to do what you want except Pixhawks don’t support live video (you’ll need a companion computer or some other video solution for that). The Emlid Edge also supports live video.

There are a wide variety of different telemetry systems that are supported.

ArduPilot doesn’t support robotic arms (yet) so you’ll likely need to do some software development for that unless you just rely on passing servo pwm values from the transmitter or ground station through to the arm.