Rover Ai with Object Detection

Hello all!
Have recently starting develop a Software to do object detection and with AI to analyse with computer Vision.
What i’m now trying to impelment with the MissionPlanner Software so got the GitHub Repository
ArduPilot / MissionPlanner Public

What i’m having abit truble with now is that when i’m trying to ARM the Rover through my Software is that i dont seem to get the connection

“!MainV2.comPort.BaseStream.IsOpen” always return false even though i have connection that it need between my Software and MissionPlanner and the Rover it self because when i do run the MissionPlanner with VisualStudio2022 i got everything working and got connection to the Rover.

i’m pretty new when it comes to the ArduPilot club! but it’s a fun project i’m doing and trying to find abit of information about this :slight_smile:

in short terms of code. i have Rewritten the " public void BUT_ARM_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)" code to a new function that is activated by the Object Detection.
If object detection is active more then 5 seconds on a humen.
ARM Rover.

Maybe someone could kick me in the right direction or some thing like it.

Best Regards

@Michael_Oborne can you help the guy?

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