Rover-4.4.0-beta6 available for beta testing

Rover-4.4.0-beta6 has been released for beta testing and can be installed using MP’s or QGC’s “beta firmwares” links. Alternatively it can be downloaded directly from and then manually uploaded as a “custom firmware”.

Changes vs 4.4.0 are in the release-notes and copied below

  1. Autopilot related fixes and enhancements
    • KakuteH7-wing get 8 bit directional dshot channel support
    • Luminousbee5 boards defaults updated
    • Navigator autopilot GPIOs fix (PWM output was broken)
    • Pixhawk6C Serial RTS lines pulled low on startup
    • QiotekZealotF427 and QiotekZealotH743 battery monitor default fixed
    • SDMODELH7V1 support
  2. Driver enhancements
    • DroneCAN battery monitors allow reset of battery SoC
    • Himark DroneCAN servo support
    • Hobbywing DroneCAN ESC support
  3. Asymmetrical thrust support for skid steering rovers (see MOT_THST_ASYM)
  4. EKF3 high vibration handling improved with EK3_GLITCH_RADIUS option
  5. Custom build server gets mission storage on SDCard selection
  6. SITL default parameter handling bug fix

Any feedback on this beta release is greatly appreciated!


I am looking forward to testing this.

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