Rover-4.4.0-beta3 available for beta testing

Rover-4.4.0-beta3 has been released for beta testing and can be installed using Mission Planner or QGC’s beta firmwares link. Alternatively it can be directly downloaded from

Changes vs -beta2 are in the release-notes and copied below.

  1. Autopilots specific changes
    • Holybro KakuteH7-Wing support
    • JFB100 external watchdog GPIO support added
    • Pixhawk1-bdshot support
    • Pixhawk6X-bdshot support
    • SpeedyBeeF4 loses bdshot support
  2. Device drivers
    • added LP5562 I2C LED driver
    • added IS31FL3195 LED driver
  3. Circle mode accuracy improvement
  4. Camera and Gimbal related changes
    • DO_SET_ROI_NONE command support added
  5. Bug fixes
    • ADSB sensor loss of transceiver message less spammy
    • EKF vertical velocity reset fixed on loss of GPS
    • GPS pre-arm failure message clarified
    • SERVOx_PROTOCOL “SToRM32 Gimbal Serial” value renamed to “Gimbal” because also used by Siyi
    • SERIALx_OPTION “Swap” renamed to “SwapTXRX” for clarity
    • SBF GPS ellipsoid height fixed
    • Scripting restart memory corruption bug fixed
    • Ublox M10S GPS auto configuration fixed

By the way, there are a number of improvements coming in the next beta (-beta4) that should help with the issues with navigation … hopefully they will be enough to allow us to release 4.4 as the stable version.