Rover-4.4.0-beta2 available for beta testing

Rover-4.4.0-beta2 has been released for beta testing and can be installed using MP or QGC’s beta firmware link. Alternatively it can be manually downloaded from

Changes vs -beta1 are in the release-notes and also copied below

  1. Autopilots specific changes
    • FlywooF745 update to motor pin output mapping and baro
    • FoxeerH743 support
    • JFB100 support
    • Mamba-F405v2 supports ICM42688
    • Matek-F405-TE/VTOL support
    • Matek-H743 IMU SPI slowed to 1Mhz to avoid init issues
    • SpeedyBee-405-Wing support
  2. Rover specific changes
    • Circle mode and Auto mode LOITER_TURNS support
    • Dock mode added to INITIAL_MODE and MODE1 parameter list
  3. AHRS/EKF related fixes and Enhancements
    • EKF allocation failure handled to avoid watchdog
    • EKF3 accel bias calculation fix and tuning for greater robustness
    • Airspeed sensor remains enabled during dead-reckoning (few copters have airspeed sensors)
    • Wind speed estimates updates reduced while dead-reckoning
  4. Other Enhancements
    • Attitude control slew limits always calculated (helps tuning reporting and analysis)
    • INA228 and INA238 I2C battery monitor support
    • LOG_DISARMED=3 logs while disarmed but discards log if never eventually armed
    • LOG_DARM_RATEMAX reduces logging while disarmed
    • Serial LEDs threading enhancement to support longer lengths without dshot interference
  5. Bug fixes
    • Analog battery monitor2 current parameter default fixed
    • AutoTune fix for loading Yaw Rate D gains
    • BRD_SAFETYOPTION parameter documentation fix (ActiveForSafetyEnable and Disable were reversed)
    • Compassmot fix to protect against bad gyro biases from GSF yaw
    • ICE engine fix for starting after reaching a specified altitude
    • LED thread locking fix to avoid watchdog
    • Logging rotation on disarm disabled if Replay logging active (avoids gaps in logs)
    • RC input on IOMCU bug fix (RC might not be regained if lost)
    • Serial passthrough fixed
  6. Custom build server fix to which features are included/excluded

There will certainly be a -beta3 because we’ve got some outstanding issues and perhaps more importantly we’ve got to complete the changes to make S-Curves work as well as the L1 controller including getting the Rover Quiktune tested.

Thanks very much to those who have gotten involved in the beta testing. It’s really important and we really appreciate it. Special thanks to:


… and sorry if I’ve missed anyone.