Rover-4.3.0-beta7 available for beta testing

Rover-4.3.0-beta7 has been released for beta testing and can be installed using MP or QGC’s “beta firmwares” link or it can be manually downloaded from

The changes vs -beta6 are in the release-notes and copied below.

  1. Autopilot related changes
    a) AIRLink LTE module enable pin and HEAT_ params added
    b) CUAV Nora/Nora+ bdshot firmware (allows Bi-directional DShot)
    c) CubeOrange, CubeYellow gets fast reset of ICM20602
    d) MambaH743v2 with dual ICM42688 supported
    e) PixPilot-V6
  2. MAVFTP speed improvement including faster param download
  3. Bug fixes
    a) Analog rangefinder GPIO pin arming check fixed
    b) Arming check of AHRS/EKF vs GPS location disabled if GPS disabled
    c) CRSF gets RC_OPTIONS for ELRS baudrate to avoid RC failsafes
    d) Null pointer checks avoid watchdog when out of memory
    e) Servo gimbal yaw jump to opposite side fixed
    f) Siyi A8 gimbal driver’s record video feature fixed
    g) SToRM32 serial gimbal driver actual angle reporting fixed (pitch and yaw angle signs were reversed)

Sadly we are still stuck with 4.3 not released as the official version due to the ongoing question of whether SCurves perform as well as the older L1 controller on straight lines. Hopefully we will be able to resolve that in the coming weeks.

All feedback and testing is greatly appreciated.


good job!which is the best one in L1 waypoint reach?


I’m not sure I totally understand but the last version of Rover to use the L1 controller is 4.2.3.