Rover 4.2 can't go forward after U-turn

sometime the rover can’t go forward after U-turn in auto mode.
most time it waits 3-5 second then go forward following WP. sometime stop there forever after U-turn.
and I feel Rover4.2 speed is slower than Rover 4.1, I have to up the speed by WP_speed value.

Rover 4.1 is smoothly go forward after U-turn. no this issue.

Hi @lumono,

Thanks for the report. if you could provide onboard logs ideally of both 4.1 working a 4.2 not working that would be great.

Thank you @rmackay9 ,
Today I removed all logs (about 13GB) from my SD card to capture new log for this issue. But the Rover 4.2 runs smoothly without stop again, and speed is not slow, back normal after remove the log.
I am not sure it is related log file, the different is only cleared SD card on CubeBlack.
I will keep monitor it.


OK, if you have backups of those old logs we could check if the PM messages shows that the main loop is slowing down.

My understanding is that the logging all runs in a separate thread in 4.2 so it shouldn’t be possible for this to slow down the main loop but maybe there is still some issue.

In any case, if you see the problem again please get the onboard logs and post them here so we can investigate.

FYI @peterbarker

@rmackay9 here is a link to download my log for Rover4.2.
I am not sure the date time is correct, it is latest file when I copied it from SD card, and tested Rover 4.2 on August 18 and 19.

Thank you for you look at this issue.