Rover-4.2.3-rc3 available for beta testing

Rover-4.2.3-rc3 has been released for beta testing and should appear in the ground stations (MP, QGC) within the next few hours. The changes vs 4.2.2 are in the release-notes and copied below. Highlighted items are new for -rc3 (compared to -rc1/rc2)

  1. OpenDroneId support (aka RemoteID, not required for surface vehicles but presentation is here) (-rc3 includes additional enhancements)
  2. Firmware ID and CRC check (disabled by default)
  3. New autopilot support
    a) CubeOrange+
    b) Foxeer Reaper F745
    c) MFE PixSurveyA1
    d) Pixhawk6C and Pixhawk6X
  4. Bug Fixes and minor enhancements
    a) Battery monitor health check fixed to check all enabled monitors
    b) ICE Lutan EFI update serial flood fixed
    c) ICM42xxx IMU filter settings improved and allow for faster sample rates
    d) INA2xx batteries may init after startup
    e) KakuteH7 OSD parameter menu enabled
    f) Lua script support to set desired speed in Auto mode
    g) Notch filter ordering bug on loss of RPM source fixed ← reverted in -rc3 because incomplete
    h) PreArm check of Rangefinder pin conflict and servo outputs
    i) WSL2 upload fixed (developer issue only)
    j) BlueRobotics Navigator autopilot filesystem fix

Any and all testing and feedback is greatly appreciated!

Accidental copy/paste from Copter, or did I miss that SCurve nav is now available in Rover 4.2?

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Ah, thanks for that. Removed!

By the way, something has gone wrong with the build server (again) so the binaries haven’t appeared yet. They will later today though I think.

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The Rover-4.2.3-rc1 binary is finally available through the ground stations.

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