Rover-4.2.1 released!

Rover-4.2.1 has been released as the stable version and can be installed using MP, QGC or downloaded directly from

The changes vs 4.2.0 are listed in the release-notes and copied below:

  1. CAN ESCs bus bandwidth efficiency improvements (see CAN_Dx_UC_ESC_OF parameter)
  2. DShot timing improvements to support for ESC variants
  3. Luftan EFI measures fuel consumption (see EFI_COEF1, EFI_COEF2)
  4. Bug fixes
    b) CAN ESCs work on boards with no safety switch (e.g. MatekH743)
    b) Inflight Compass calibration checks GSF yaw estimate is good
    c) NeoPixel colour fix

These fixes are relatively small and won’t affect most users so feel free to take your time and upgrade when it is convenient.

All required parameter conversions are done automatically so in general there should be no need to back-up and restore parameters or re-tune the vehicle after this upgrade.

Thanks very much to those who contributed to the beta testing of this release!