Rover-4.2.0-rc2 released for beta testing

Rover-4.2.0-rc2 has been released for beta testing and should be available shortly for download from MP or QGC using their beta firmwares links. It can also be directly downloaded from

The changes vs -rc1 are in the release-notes and also copied below

  1. Minor Enhancements
    a) Button, Relay and RPM GPIO pin conflict pre-arm check improved
    b) DShot uses narrower bitwidths for more accurate timing (allows BLHeli BlueJay to work)
    c) INS_NOTCH parameters renamed to INS_HNTC2
    d) Matek F765-Wing-bdshot firmware added
    e) Matek H743 supports ICM42688
    f) QiotekZealot H743 supports ICM4xxxx
    g) Scripting heap size increased to 100k on F7/H7
    h) SPRacingH7 improvements including external flash performance improvements
  2. Bug fixes
    a) BMI088 IMU FIFO overruns fixed
    b) DO_SET_SERVO with SERVOn_FUNCTION=0 fixed, added pre-arm check of servo functions configured on disabled channels
    c) Log file descriptor init fixed (issues only seen on Linux autopilots)
    d) Log list cope with gaps, performance improvement to reduce impact on EKF and some ESCs
    e) Proximity sensor fix when using MAVLink lidars in non-forward orientations
    f) RPM sensor fix to avoid “failed to attach pin” spam to GCS
    g) STM32 DMA fatal exceptions disabled (caused watch dogs reboots with zero information)

There are still a few issues we need to resolve before we can release 4.2.0 as the stable version but we are getting close thanks to the feedback we’ve received so far. Thanks!