Rover-4.1.0-beta3 released for beta testing

Rover-4.1.0-beta3 has been released for beta testing and can be downloaded from MP, QGC, etc via their beta firmwares links.

Note: beta2 was skipped due to an issue with the build server.

The changes are in the release notes and also copied below:

Changes from 4.1.0-beta1

  1. Rover/Boat specific enhancements and bug fixes
    a) Direct mast rotation logging
    b) RangeFinder logging enabled (RFND)
    c) Shaking reduced when vehicle stopped by simple avoidance
    d) Sonar water temperature logged in DPTH message
    e) TURN_MAX_G renamed to ATC_TURN_MAX_G and applied to all turns
    f) Wind direction calculation when not using wind speed sensor fixed
  2. BLHeli improvements and fixes
    a) Bi-directional ESC telemetry fixes
    b) Bi-directional dshot 1200 supported
    c) Control of digital with non-digital outputs fixed
    d) Support dshot commands for LED, buzzer and direction control
    e) Passthru reliability improved
  3. New autopilot boards
    a) PixC4-Pi and PixC4-Jetson
  4. Avoidance fixes
    a) OBSTACLE_DISTANCE_3D boundary cleared after 0.75 seconds, allows easier multi-camera support
  5. Other enhancements
    a) Auxiliary function logging shows how it was invoked (switch, button or scripting)
    b) External IST8308 compass supported on CubeBlack
    c) FrSky telem reports failsafe, terrain alt health and fence status
    d) OSD gets fence icon
    e) RunCam OSD and camera control
    f) Septentrio GPSs support GPS_SBAS_MOD parameter
  6. Bug fixes
    a) Barometer averaging fixes for BMP380, BMP280, LPS2XH, SPL06 drivers
    b) EKF3 fix to reset yaw after GPS-for-yaw recovers
    c) KDECAN output range, motor order and pre-arm check messages fixed
    d) Logging memory leak when finding last log fixed
    e) Pixhawk4 mini safety switch fix
    f) SD card slowdown with early mounts fixed

Thanks very much to the beta testers that have uncovered various issues so far. This is a really important process that helps us ensure the final release is really stable so thanks very much for your help!


Great to follow the progress. Nice work. Also happy to see the temperature also in place. I assume the source is the nmea 0183 MTW sentence.
Question: Is it possible to request the value like a parameter? It is very nice to have it included in the logs, but I need to provide the value in real time while the boat is on the water. The depth from the DBT i already read as a rangefinder value.


As you guessed, it uses the MTW NMEA message. I don’t know what mavlink message we could use to send the temperature to the GCS… maybe we can have a look around to see if we can find one.

Thanks. That would be awesome :+1:Could you please look first in mavlink 1? Maybe too much to ask, but I really am not there yet for mavlink 2. Sensor data it anyway is.


Hi, in mission planner i can found only 4.1 beta 1. Whee i can download beta 2? Thanks


We had issues with the build server which caused beta2 to be delayed… and then we found a nasty issue with DShot so we fixed that and it has been released as part of beta3. Thanks for your patience, it’s now available.


Thanks a lot, Randy :slight_smile:

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