Rover 4.0.0 update to use Spektrum DX9 via DSMX-sattelite

Hi Guys,

my pixhawk 4 works well with the copter-fimware 4.0.5, binding and reading out the 9 channels with mission planer is no problem.
Now i try the same with the rover-firmware 4.0.0. Binding is no problem but reading out the 9 channels doesn´t work.
I read on the blogs that the problem is allready solved. So is this just not implemented in the latest rover firmware or do I have to make a special setting?

Thank you very much

I think the issue is likely that the Rover 4.0.0 firmware is quite a bit older than Copter-4.0.5. We are hoping to start Rover 4.1 beta testing within a month or so. Until then you could use Rover-4.1.0-dev (aka “latest”) which can be downloaded using MP’s Firmware Install page after pressing Ctrl-Q.

Hey rmackay9,

thank you very much, installation from Rover-4.1.0-dev was successfull and know my DX9 works well and I can see all the channels in the MP.
looking forword to 4.1 beta.