Rover 3.52 NuttX?

I can’t find any version of Rover > 3.4.2 with NuttX? All other version of ardupilopt seems so be there for both ChibiOs and NuttX OS? I use Andruv (4G) for telemetry, and I found out it can’t communicate with ChibiOS thru USB, so that’s way I prefer NuttX.

That’s right, Rover-3.5 (and higher) is ChibiOS only for STM CPUs.

ChibiOS should work though so we should dig into why it’s not working.

Thank you for replaying. Andruv use dronekit for communication, and when u use USB on ChibiOS you get no response from dronekit, any other communication works….Bluethooth, TCP, UDP….

I’m not sure where to go with this though… clearly the serial communication using USB works though because we can all connect to the flight controllers using a USB cable to our desktop/laptop PCs…

Maybe the issue is that we are using mavlink2 on the USB port. Perhaps try checking if SERIAL0_PROTOCOL = 1.

Yes, connection to PC is no problem……It just andruav that seems to have problem. No luck with changing SERIAL0_PROTOCOL either. I will try to get in touch with the developer of andruav, and see if he knows what the problem may be.

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