Rover 3.5.2 released

Rover 3.5.2 stable has just been released. This release has just one change in it for an important issue that can cause a board lockup with some I2C devices. While the issue is very rare, we thought it important enough to do a quick release of a new stable rover build.
There are no other changes since the 3.5.1 stable release. It is recommended that all users update to 3.5.2.


hello, after a while without using my boat, I have updated to version 3.5.2, I thought that there was no problem, but I realized that when I use my boat in auto mode, my boat did not work, after looking in detail all the parameters, and even reload the parameters of a backup that I had saved. I have finally realized that the fault is simple, I don’t really know if it is an additional precaution that was implemented, although in auto mode the speed is controlled with the throttle stick, that is if the stick is in the middle (throttle 0%) and my boat does not go, as I increase the throttle my boat gains speed, and I can even increase the speed above the cruise speed, also when I have the stick between 40% and 60% the boat tries to Maintain cruise speed, this is very strange, someone can confirm why this happens.