Rover-3.5.0 has been released!

Rover-3.5.0 has been released! This is a major update with many enhancements and bug fixes which can be found in the ReleaseNotes and also copied below. If you find any issues or have any questions please feel free post in the Rover-3.5 category.

Changes from 3.4.2

  1. ChibiOS provides improved performance and support for many new boards including:
    a) F4BY
    b) TauLabs Sparky2
    c) Furious FPV F-35 lightening and Wing FC-10
    d) Holybro KakuteF4
    e) Mateksys F405-Wing
    f) Omnibus F4 Pro, NanoV6 and F7
    g) SpeedyBee F4
  2. BalanceBot support
  3. Sailboat support
  4. OmniPlus, OmniX frame support (vehicles can move laterally using 4 thrusters or wheels)
  5. Mode changes:
    a) Follow mode (allows following another vehicle if connected via telemetry)
    b) Simple mode (pilot controls direction regardless of vehicle’s heading)
    c) Loiter can be configured to always drive towards target (i.e. does not reverse) (see LOIT_TYPE parameter)
    d) Guided, RTL, SmartRTL will reverse towards target if DO_SET_REVERSE command received (via telemetry or as mission command)
    e) Boats hold position after reaching target in Auto and Guided (also see MIS_DONE_BEHAVE)
    f) SmartRTL default num points increased to 300
  6. Auxiliary Switches expanded to many channels (see RCx_OPTION parameters)
  7. External position estimates accepted from ROS and Vicon systems
  8. MAVLink message interval support (allows precise control of mavlink message update rates)
  9. Safety Features:
    a) RC and GCS failsafe timeout shortened
    b) EKF failsafe added and checked before entering autonomous modes
    c) Object avoidance enabled in autonomous modes (Auto, Guided, RTL)
    d) Safety switch ability to arm/disarm vehicle now configurable (see BRD_SAFETYOPTION parameter)
  10. Bug fixes and small enhancements:
    a) Object avoidance fix to include all sectors from proximity sensor (aka 360 lidar)
    b) Onboard OSD support (for ChibiOS-only boards)
    c) Gripper support
    d) Sprayer support
    e) Wheel encoder offset fix
    f) Avoid potential divide-by-zero when waypoints are almost in a straight line
    g) Cruise speed/throttle learning always runs for 2 seconds (saves user from having to lower switch)

There is still at least one known issue (DShot support) that we will resolve in a follow up “point” release. Some wiki updates are also required which we should get to in the coming weeks.

Thanks to those in this forum that helped out with beta testing, it was very much appreciated!


Can’t wait to try all this new stuff. With dormant grass, my mower hasn’t gotten much attention lately.


Congratulations for this release.
Nice improvements!

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@rmackay9 I may try a sprayer test soon with my “mower”. All I really want to do is turn on and off a relay at certain waypoints. But I see here the mention of “sprayer support”. Is that the same as the copter sprayer support here: or something else?

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Yes, Rover has sprayer support.

One of the advantages of using Sprayer support is that it scales the
output based on the vehicle speed.