Rover-3.4.2 released!

Rover-3.4.2 has been released as the official/stable version of Rover and is available through the various ground stations.

As mentioned in the beta testing post here, this version has these relatively minor changes (ReleaseNotes):

  1. bug fix to pivot turn logic during missions (discussion)
  2. dataflash logging improvement to NTUN message (change description)

Thanks as always to our beta testers!

I suspect we will start testing Rover-3.5 in 3 or 4 weeks and will include at least these items:

  • balance bot support
  • support for many ChibiOS only boards
  • Follow mode

We’re also working hard on getting non-GPS SLAM working with ROS on an NVidia TX2. No promises but hopefully the first version of that will be ready within a month.


3.4.2 works perfect for me. looking forward to test 3.5

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