Rover-3.4.2-rc1 released for beta testing!

Rover-3.4.2-rc1 is available for beta testing. If you are using the Mission Planner, you can load this firmware by opening the Initial Setup >> Install Firmware screen in the Mission Planner and then click on the “Beta firmwares” link.

Changes are listed in the Release Notes and copied below:

  1. bug fix to pivot turn logic during missions (discussion)
  2. dataflash logging improvement to NTUN message (change description)

Any beta testing and feedback people can give would be greatly appreciated. It’s a pretty harmless set of changes so I’m pretty confident that it’s perfectly safe.

We will release this version as the official version within the next week assuming the testing goes fine.


Will load and test tomorrow, thank you Randy

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Wil start testing this weekend. thx fot al your efforts!

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That’s strange - first time I have ever had the error - “Can’t detect your Board version, Please check your cabling”

It does connect via MavLink, no problem.

I also did a search and did the “Force PX4 Bootloader”, still the same


That sounds like a MP issue or perhaps it’s a bad USB cable. I’m not sure really.

As a short-term work around, if you’re using a Pixhawk or Cube autopilot, it’s possible to download the binary directly from this directory (look for “APMrover2-v3.px4”) and then upload using the “Load Custom Firmware” link in the MP’s Install Firmware screen.

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I have the same problem with MP 1.3.57.
Update to beta and you get version and it works again.

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Now my MP won’t load 1.3.57, only and I still can’t see the board

Thank you Randy, is that the latest Beta version?


Yes, that link above is to the latest beta.

Thank you, heading to the dam now.

You mean it loads and does not notify you about a new version? If you go to “Help” “Check for updates”, it should load 1.3.57 again. I can reproduce the issue going back and forth between 1.3.57 (not working) and (working). The firmware update times out while trying to detect the board.

Yes, Help, Check for updates - No update available - (

I just updated Mission Planner to 1.3.57. @rmackay9 should I bother testing this new code as it does not seem to have anything in it that will help or hurt me? I have a 1.5 to 2 hour video run I’m making with the boat tomorrow. Nice that Mission Planner now tells me if I’m in Loiter.

I have one of my computers that for some reason I need to uninstall the old Mission Planner so I can install the new version.


If you can test it that would be great. As you say, you shouldn’t notice any differences.

Spot on David, I had to do that. The Update from the App is not working on my Windows 8.1 Pro laptop, Windows 10 PC and Windows 8.1 Pro tablet.

Had to reload from scratch.